These guidelines are not exhibition specific and may be overridden by the terms for a specific exhibition to which you are applying  (e.g., number of submissions).  Please be sure to read the specific rules/requirements for each exhibition.


  • Unless otherwise noted, juried exhibitions are open only to residents of the United States.

Entries and Submission Fees

  • Fees and size limitations are announced by the specific exhibition call for entries.
  • Entries for juried exhibitions must be submitted online.


  • All work entered into any exhibition must be for sale.
  • District Arts LLC will retain 40% from all sales.
  • Sale of artwork is taxable and all Maryland sales tax collection and processing will be handled by District Arts LLC.
  • Sold artwork requiring shipment will be handled by District Arts LLC with shipping/packaging/insurance expenses collected from buyer.
  • Buyers will be asked if a purchased work may be retained by the gallery until the exhibit ends. If the buyer disagrees, District Arts will permit the sale and the artist will be notified.


  • A maximum of 3 original works created within the past two years may be entered in each exhibition unless otherwise specified.
  • Works in a juried show may be exhibited in a District Arts juried exhibition only once.
  • Completed works may not exceed 60 inches in any one direction, including the frame. Sizes specific to an exhibition are shown in the entry application.
  • Work must be original in concept and design and created by the artist. NO REPRODUCTIONS.
  • Photographs and digital artworks must be signed and numbered.  Works from editions larger than 250 will not be accepted.

Digital Image Requirements

  • Images must be in JPEG files less than 2MB in size, with the recommended longest pixel dimension about 1900 pixels.
  • Images of accepted works may be used at the sole discretion of District Arts LLC for promotional purposes including but not limited to the invitation, catalog, website or on a subsequent year’s prospectus. Image will include attribution whenever possible.  All image copyrights are retained by the artist.



  • All work delivered to the gallery must have the following information affixed to the non-viewing side:
    • Artist Name
    • Address, phone number and email
    • Title of the work, medium and price. Be specific with medium descriptions (e.g., oil on hardboard or canvas, not oil)
  • Work must arrive on scheduled dates.
  • Paintings must be dry.
  • Work not in compliance with size restrictions will not be exhibited.
  • All shipped work must be traceable.  Signature on delivery must be required.
  • Do not use “peanuts” for packaging materials unless they are biodegradable.
  • Please provide repacking instructions.
  • Packing and shipping recommendations can be found on the RedDotBlog

 Installation of Artwork

Juried Shows: 

Exhibition design and placement of works is the responsibility of District Arts and the juror(s).

Solo/Small Group Exhibitions: 

Artists are encouraged to work with the gallery to design the installation of their exhibition. District Arts has final say on exhibition design/layout. Once a work is selected for exhibition, the artist cannot remove it prior to the last day of the exhibition.

Presentation Guidelines

Artists must present their artwork professionally. The work must conform to the following standards unless otherwise stated for a particular exhibition. Artwork will not be installed if improperly presented or misrepresented.

  • Two-dimensional work must be suitably framed and under glass or acrylic/Plexiglass when appropriate.
  • Artwork that is intentionally unframed, such as stretched canvas, must have well-finished edges. Edges cannot be taped. Mats, if used, must be well cut and clean.
  • Photographic prints and digital artworks must be signed and numbered, and include a certificate or label of authenticity.  
  • All wall and suspended work must be equipped with a secure wire hanging system. D-Rings are preferred.  Sawtooth hangers are unacceptable. District Arts LLC  does not supply frames, hardware or wire.
  • Coordination with the Gallery is required for installation of solo/small group exhibitions.
  • Artists requiring electrical outlets or other special considerations should consult with District Arts prior to application.
  • Three-dimensional work must fit through a standard double door.

Pickup and Storage

  • When the exhibit closes, you may pick up your work no earlier than 3:00 pm on the closing day.
  • You must pick up your work within 72 hours of the closing day of the exhibit, or notify the gallery.
  • Unless previous arrangements have been made, artwork left in District Arts longer than two weeks shall become the property of District Arts LLC.  There are no exceptions.


All work will be handled with all possible care.  District Arts LLC insures the property of others for 60% of the sale price of the artwork, consistent with the gallery commission rate, against fire and theft.  However, District Arts LLC assumes no responsibility for damage to artwork incurred as a result of the artist’s use of faulty or improperly used display materials.